Wednesday, December 27, 2023

U. of Minnesota "Professor" Praises the Terrorism of 10/7, Calls for Violent "Decolonization" of America

University Professor Melanie Yazzie

Internet nobodies on the right can't question the 2020 election, but elite figures on the left can call for violent revolution and probably get endorsement deals with Nike and Apple.
A liberal arts professor at the University of Minnesota called for people to "dismantle" and "decolonize" America during a pro-Palestinian event.

Earlier this month, University of Minnesota liberal arts professor Melanie Yazzie took the stage with several other speakers as part of the anti-capitalist Native American advocacy group the Red Nation's "teach-in" on the Israel-Hamas war.

During the pro-Palestinian event, Yazzie made several controversial comments, including early on when she said she wanted a takeaway from the event to be that "we're all indigenous people who come from nations who are under occupation by the United States government."

"And, of course, the U.S. bankrolls the Israeli occupation of Palestinian land," Yazzie continued. "They're one and the same, really."

"So it's our responsibility as people who are within the United States to go as hard as possible to decolonize this place because that will reverberate all across the world," Yazzie said. "Because the U.S. is the greatest predator empire that has ever existed."

Yazzie said that she and her comrades "want [the] U.S. out of everywhere," including "Palestine" and "Turtle Island" -- a name used by some Native American tribes to describe North America.

"And that the goal is to dismantle the settler project that is the United States for the freedom and the future of all life on this planet," Yazzie said. "It very much depends on that."

Yazzie also appeared to imply she saw the "entire world" change after the Oct. 7 attacks by the Palestinian terrorist organization Hamas on innocent Israeli civilians and claimed that "Palestine is the alternative path for native nations."

"It is a righteous struggle and it is so powerful that it has literally, in 60 days, changed the entire world," Yazzie said. "The entire world has changed. I knew it the moment that it happened that nothing, and I mean nothing for colonizers or for any of the good, humble people of the Earth, would ever be the same ever again."

"And we need to lean into that. Lean into the fact that colonizers are scared," she said, laughing. "Lean into scaring them and making them feel uncomfortable!"



JEC said...

No problem, now we know where to start...

thelastenglishprince said...

Let's not discuss my great, great grandfather, Solomon Pasco, who was the last white man to be scalped in Indian territory in Oklahoma by Chief White Water. I am not kidding.

And let's not dwell on the fact that my father's mother was Cherokee. God! Who exactly, should I support in this fight? sigh

Can we rid our nation of stupid people? That is the real question.