Thursday, December 21, 2023

The Elites Are Staging an Insurrection Against Democracy


The problem with elite universities goes so much deeper than denying Jewish and white students safetyism. The Ivies represent the elite's belief that they should have absolute rule over the masses, who they have just endless contempt for. And that's how Trump was banned in CO: Quote Jason Willick @jawillick � 5h What predicts Colorado Supreme Court justices' vote on Trump disqualification? Not party--all are Democratic appointees--but law school. All Ivy League grads voted to disqualify. All Denver Law grads voted not to disqualify. Image Image Batya Ungar-Sargon @bungarsargon � 4h Elite universities aren't institutions of learning but sites for reproducing status, elite belonging. These people truly believe they deserve to rule over average folks. Hence the Orwellian "We must protect the people from voting for their chosen candidate--to defend democracy!"

How can people say with a straight face they are defending democracy by barring the most popular candidate? The class divide in the US which apportioned over 50% of GDP to the credentialed elite convinced them they deserve to hoard not just the American Dream but the franchise.

We need less people trying to save the Ivy League and more people trying to save America.

I'm sorry but the people trying to save Harvard are part of the problem. Harvard isn't primarily an institution of learning. It's an institution of status conferring in which people who hate America gatekeep the American Dream by granting each other little honors and credentials

It's very hard to graduate from these institutions and still believe your fellow citizens have a right to disagree with you and--horror of all horrors!--a right to take the country in a direction you disapprove of if there are more of them than you, which by definition there are.

This is why America's liberal journalists are so gung ho for censorship and getting Trump off the ballot and other anti-American measures: Many went to elite universities, where they became convinced that their numbers were in inverse proportion to their right to rule the masses

There are only two options for people with views you don't like: convince them you're right with better ideas or silence them. To be an American is to choose the first option in nearly every case. Yet the vast majority of people in power went to schools that endorse the second.

Remember when ordinary Americans whose communities and wages were decimated by globalization and mass migration voted for the first guy to say NAFTA was a mistake and call for securing the border, and the entire liberal political caste said in unison, "IT WAS PUTIN!"

That was choosing the second option, which looks like it's about politics but is actually about class. They weren't silencing conservatives. They were silencing the working class who they have contempt for which curdles into absolute rage on the rare occasions that the masses win.



Colorado Court Punishes Trump's Purported Interference In An Election By Themselves Interfering In An Election

Trump's "crime" was using what were arguably legal processes to challenge an election, and for calling for people to "fight" for a win.

The left is seriously now claiming that calls to "fight" are "insurrection."

But only for Republicans, of course.

When Kamala Harris declares that BLM to "should not stop" their riots, but should continue them through the election, that's perfectly legal, of course.

That's not insurrectionary at all!

And of course Saint Sodomy Barack Obama called for "hit[ting] them [Republicans] twice as hard."

The Colorado Supreme Court says that's "insurrection" -- and then uses their own highly-disputable legal processes to rig an election.

This ruling is stayed until January 4th. If Trump appeals to the Supreme Court, which he of course will, they will stay this indefinitely, until the Court rules.

And the Court will rule against this madness. Otherwise, they might as well declare a Civil War themselves.


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