Friday, December 29, 2023

WHEN DOES NUREMBERG II BEGIN? Francis Collins admits the massive, unnecessary "collateral damage" from their botched covid public health response

When does Nuremberg II start?
There are a thousand reasons that Collins’ statements should infuriate: Trying to distance himself from policies HE and Fauci set by referring to the generalized WE blob. Trying to rewrite history by ignoring the fact that HE tried to silence and discredit experts who were warning about the very things he claims were mere oversights now. People like were begging Collins to “consider the consequences.” Collins’ response was to secretly push for a “quick and devastating takedown” of Bhattacharya and the other Great Barrington scientists who were sounding the alarm everywhere they could about the great harm that would be done. Finally, this is no way acknowledges the fact that it wasn’t just medical policy they were setting. They made this a MORAL issue. You didn’t love your neighbor or care about the lives of your fellow citizens if you brought up the very consequences he is now saying were all a big oopsie. They deliberately sowed strife, division, and enmity between Americans over what we know now they KNEW were lies (like insisting it a was conspiracy theory to acknowledge that the virus likely came from a Wuhan lab not a wet market, to observe the plain fact that masks weren’t effective, to acknowledge that there were real risks associated with the vaccines). There needs to be accountability for that. This, “oh gosh, we just didn’t see what was happening and made a mistake,” does not get it done. They KNEW they were running a smear campaign against millions of Americans. There needs to be real consequences so that the next authoritarian bureaucrat doesn’t do the same.

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