Friday, July 07, 2006

7 July 2005, London ... why?

A year ago today Islam struck London. Devout jihadist Muslims motivated by their religious beliefs killed 52 member of civilization going about their daily lives in peace. This event is still not understood. There is speculation that Al Qaeda was involved as if this explains something important. It does not

Myth #1: It’s all about bin Laden. This was initially the view given by the administration after 9/11 and still held by Bush’s critics. It’s not Islam, we are told, but an evil extremist. But the only thing that bin Laden did was form an umbrella group that combined existing independents under one roof and finance them with his trust fund. Even Kalid Sheik Mohammad was in operation before going to bin Laden for support. Thus, 9/11 would have still happened even without bin Laden. So called “free radicals” came before Al Qaeda. It was Islam that motivated them. Bin Laden remains, first and foremost, an important symbol.

Myth #2: The extremists are shunned by the vast majority. The London bombings still are widely respected among British Muslims even if not a majority. However, bin Laden is still one of the most respected Muslims in the Islamic world, often by the majority of some Islamic nations. (Near bottom of the Pew Center report.)

Myth #3: It’s a reaction to our “aggressive” policies. The Islamic Revival is driven by internal forces to Muslim societies. It has been unfolding for more than 50 years and will continue despite our efforts. We see attacks on non-Muslims in India, Thailand, Indonesia, the Philippines, Russia, Israel, Turkey, Nigeria, the Balkans, Chechnya, … indeed, wherever Muslims are found. It is perceived weakness, not aggression, that emboldens the jihadist. China has the least problem with their Muslims.

Myth #4: This is new to Islam. History shows otherwise.

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