Saturday, February 05, 2011

EDL on BBC London News

Tommy Robinson, Leader of the EDL seems to be doing well in the media recently. He successfully managed to "stuff" Jeremy Paxman on BBC 2's Newsnight on Tuesday and that's no mean feat because it's usually the other way round even with media savvy politico's.

This latest media effort was shown on Thursday, just ahead of the big Luton demo today. I had to grab it from YouTube and then spent many hours trying to get it to display in it's proper 16:9 format. I then edited out most of the idiots at the end because I was sick and tired of hearing the same drivel from the usual idiots. I put up some captions to illustrate the point. The Labour MEP and the Iman had nothing to say but the usual taqiyya.


Anonymous said...

EDL Leader Denies March Will Cause Trouble Tommy made a SkyNews professional journalist look like a smug dizzy jackass

Anonymous said...

'State multiculturalism' has failed - Multiculturalism in Britain has failed to provide a vision of society in which members of all ethnic groups feel they want to belong, according to Prime Minster David Cameron. Channel4News

Pastorius said...

Very good.

I liked the EDL Statement of Values which was recently released.

This video seems pretty fair. That one woman was pretty damned inarticulate ("I don't like the way they dress... I don't like them"), but of course there are going to be inarticulate people in a movement like this.

What's with the shaved heads, Ray? That's a bad image.

Why do they persist in putting such a bad image forward?

Pastorius said...

I have no idea why your comment did not stay up here. I did not take it down.

In fact, I got an email saying your comment was posted.

I'm glad to hear Cameron recognizes multiculturalism is not working. I have a feeling he might simply think it needs a few tweaks though.

jeppo said...

Does having a shaved head really put such a bad image forward, Pasto? Maybe some of them shave their heads not to convey an aura of menacing, racist hooliganism, but for the same reason I do: To disguise their male pattern baldness!