Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Australia: Protestors Against COVID Restrictions Labelled ‘Anarchists’ by Police Chief


Protestors Against COVID Restrictions Labelled ‘Anarchists’ by NSW Police Chief

New South Wales (NSW) Police Commissioner Mick Fuller has labelled protestors who attended the massive July 24 Sydney rally against COVID restrictions “anarchists.”

Fuller revealed that police had received over 10,000 tip-offs regarding individuals involved in the protests and that 57 people had been charged, while 250 were fined. Officials and police in NSW and Victoria have taken a hard line against the event.

The commissioner addressed reports of a potential follow-up rally online and issued a blunt warning, “Can I just put this warning out now to everyone? We will be heavily policing that event.”

“The community has spoken about that behaviour. The premier has spoken about that behaviour, and it won’t be tolerated again,” he told reporters.


Anonymous said...

So Anarchists are good until Stalin decides they're bad. Just like in the Spanish Civil War.


Underneath was tagged "Don't tell me what to do" LOL.

Anonymous said...

Police Commissioner Mick Fuhrer...did I read that right?

Pastorius said...


You did, indeed.