Monday, July 26, 2021

Sen. Klobuchar Proposes Exciting New Bill Eliminating Free Speech for COVID "Misinformation"


Dems have a fever and the only cure is abolishing the First Amendment of the Bill of Rights. 
They tried getting cute by calling speech they don't like "misinformation" and trying to build a corrupt infrastructure of media fact-checkers dictating to Big Tech monopolies which opposition speech should be removed. Now they're stopped pretending. 
White House communications figures are openly telling Facebook what to take down and describing themselves as targeting "conservative" content and the woman who eats salad with a comb has an exciting new bill to abolish the First Amendment when it comes to COVID "misinformation". 
Sen. Amy Klobuchar introduced a bill Thursday that would strip online platforms such as Facebook Inc. and Twitter Inc. of liability protections if their technology spreads misinformation about coronavirus vaccines or other public-health emergencies. 
The bill, which Ms. Klobuchar (D., Minn.) has previously telegraphed was in the works, would create an exception to the law known as Section 230 that shields internet platforms from lawsuits for content generated by their users and other third parties.


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