Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Fauci Contradicting Himself On Masks For 2 Minutes Straight

Fauci is the proverebial monkey with a typewriter, only he speaks rather than typing. Given enough time he will eventually say anything and everything that can ever be said.


Anonymous said...

CDC Director Walensky: “We continue to follow the science closely, and update the guidance should the science shift again.”

Perhaps she meant: "and update the science should our guidance needs change again."

Or maybe she has no idea what the fuck she means.

Eminence Front.

Pastorius said...

We live in times when people who were taught to be rational in school, somehow find that they need to mouth completely irrational "ideas", and ask as if what they are saying is rational, all the while knowing that it isn't.

Our whole government and academia is made up of Pension-Swilling Union Orcs.