Sunday, July 25, 2021

So That No Man May Buy Or Sell

In Germany, the Pastor of the Evangelical Free Church, Jakob Tscharntke, is one of the few Christian leaders opposing Chancellor Angela Merkel’s push to have her population vaccinated.  
Pastor Tscharntke preaches that the Mark of the Beast will be more readily received by those who have already been deceived into taking the experimental coronavirus “vaccine” (gene therapy). The Mark of the Beast is referred to in the Book of Revelation 13:16-18. 
There are actually two Beasts mentioned in Revelation 13. The first has been typically associated with the Anti-Christ, who many believe will be some type of political figure or businessman who will rise to power and persecute the Christian Church. 
The second Beast is often associated with some type of religious/cult figure who will come in the same demonic spirit as the first beast but will deceive the people through miraculous signs and wonders to worship the first beast. 
It is the second Beast who will institute the Mark of the Beast. However, true believers in Jesus Christ will neither accept the Mark nor worship the Beast, even if it means martyrdom. 
Holy Scripture says that the Mark of the Beast is to be put on a person’s hand or forehead, signifying the Beast’s authority over his subjects’ thoughts and deeds. Without the Mark, no one can buy or sell anything. 
If the “vaccine” is a precursor to the Mark of the Beast, we see that today there are vaccine mandates which force people to take the shot in their arm if they want to go to their jobs and earn a living or go into stores to buy food, clothes, medicine, and other necessities.

And, if it isn't clear enough that this is a Human Experiment centered around Psycho-Social Control, then here's this:

People jabbed with PLACEBOS during vaccine trials will have same privileges as those who are ‘fully’ vaxxed, UK minister says

The UK government views people who were given placebos during Covid-19 vaccine trials as fully inoculated, Britain’s vaccines minister has said, adding that they would enjoy all the privileges granted by the NHS Covid Pass.

In remarks given before Parliament on Thursday, vaccines minister Nadhim Zahawi touted the country’s controversial NHS Covid Pass as having an “important role to play in slowing the spread of the virus,” and urged certain businesses and large venues to adopt the domestic health certificate in order to “keep their clients or their customers safe”. The NHS app can be used to show proof of vaccination status, negative test results or natural immunity. 

But it seems the urgent need to methodically document people’s vaccination status, and use this private medical information to grant certain privileges, contains at least one loophole: individuals who have participated in vaccine trials will be viewed as “fully vaccinated” whether they received a placebo or an actual shot, Zahawi said. 

It’s unlikely that he misspoke, as he made the same declaration in two separate exchanges while answering questions from Parliament.


From what I can tell, the above risk results numbers do not take into account those who are suffering illness and death BECAUSE OF THE VAX.


Anonymous said...

So that no man may be gainfully employed....

Thanks for posting about the absolute risk.

We are suffering under Medical Martial Law. When will our children be removed from our homes? This is a slippery slope.


revereridesagain said...

We can observe that without resorting to the mythologies of the ancient eastern Mediterranean. It wasn't "the mark of the beast" that inspired "are your papers in order, sir"? It was the mark of irrational, immoral, violent, criminal, power-mad "human" beings who knew what absolute control of others requires.

And the more the Left denies it, the more ominously obvious it becomes.

Pastorius said...

RRA, at a certain point, your objections become absurd. A man named John, 2000 years ago, claimed to have had a vision, and he got this right.

It is not something anyone could have predicted at the time, because we did not have computing technology. Only computing technology would make it possible.

thelastenglishprince said...

It is, at the end of the day, a subtle test of loyalty to the government narrative. The Chinese call it a social credit score. Individual movement is restricted based on the score, upward mobility, etc.

Our loyalty is to the Constitution of the United States and the thread of freedom and balance which is woven into the document. The thread of both freedom and balance (of the three branches of government) have been frayed.

Within my community, may express a sense of chronic fatigue from the policies. More and more, they speak of just wanting to be free. It is the deepest longing of the human soul: freedom. God gave it. The other guy comes to steal, kill, and destroy.