Sunday, July 25, 2021

"For They Sow The Wind, And They Shall Reap The Whirlwind"


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Of Covid patients:
1) only 4% who were deficient in vitamin D had severe outcomes;
2) only 25% who had active lifestyle had severe oucomes;
3) only 22% whose weight was normal had severe outcomes.

People in good health:
4% x 25% x 22% = 0.22% risk of severe Covid outcome.

Death rate on Scotland from vaccine: 0.1%, not counting severe complications like heart attack, disability, stroke, permanent pulmonary impairment, etc. In US VARES data these were ~3x the death rate. Conclusion- for healthy person vaccination at least 2x more hazardous than getting Covid. All stats from studies or government data. Happy to be proven wrong.

— Ewin

Pastorius said...

Not to mention the increase in deaths by overdose and suicide, and the mental health issues that are being embedded in the generation of children who have been purposefully terrified by the media, and by their parents.