Monday, October 31, 2022

Dr. Mobeen Discloses That His Wife and Niece BOTH Had a Vaccine Injury

This is a long 2 hour video with a boat load of information being shared. 
Dr. Mobeen finally reveals his wife and niece were both vaccine injured Yesterday, on YouTube, during his interview with Dr. Bruce Patterson whose team has discovered that the S1 pieces of the spike protein persist in the monocytes resulitng in immune dysregualtion and long haul-haul syndrome. 
Dr. Mobeen Syed announced that his wife had Bell’s palsy and was severely injured from the vaccine. So was his 23 year old niece who couldn’t function. 
Although the injuries happened months ago, he hasn’t been allowed to talk about it until now. This is rare in that most people who have vaccine injuries never talk about them for fear of public ridicule. We should applaud Dr. Mobeen for finally speaking out and hope that it will lead to others speaking out as well.

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