Wednesday, October 26, 2022

Vlad Tepes Analyzes the Commie-Speak Good Intelligent Human Beings are Forced to Descend To In Order To Be Able to Distribute Important Information To the Public

This now famous UK doctor has learned to speak in the kind of code all people in communist countries learn if they want to survive in any field with any authority. Much like when my own doctor told me that they could not give me HCQ because “It doesn’t work and we have to keep it for the people who get really sick”. Classic commie double speak. The official line followed by a version of the truth which contradicts the (literal) party line. 
In this video, you have to watch for a while. He tells what he thinks is the truth by explaining what the YouTube rules are for talking about Covid19, while also slipping contradictory facts in about the various people and treatments. At one point it even gets a little funny. Like when he explains that we are not allowed to contradict the leader of the WHO, who is not a medical doctor but has a PhD in some highly relevant field he is sure.


Anonymous said...

I honor Dr. Campbell for his solid news and commentary on health issues. His title comes because he was a nursing educator. I have never heard him claim to be a physician. Maybe someone can post a summary of his CV.

Ewin Barnett

Pastorius said...

Campbell received a diploma in nursing from the University of London and Bachelor of Science in biology from the Open University. He subsequently earned a Master of Science in health science from the University of Lancaster and a Ph.D. in nursing from the University of Bolton.[8] The doctorate was awarded in 2013 for work on developing teaching methods using digital media such as online videos.[8]

Campbell worked as a nursing educator at the University of Cumbria, and has experience as an Accident and Emergency (A&E) nurse.[9] He has also taught health workers in India and Cambodia.[9] He is the author of Campbell's Physiology Notes and Campbell's Pathophysiology Notes nursing-related biosciences text books. A 2011 book review in Emergency Nurse magazine said Campbell's Physiology Notes was "excellent, inexpensive notes on the causes, pathophysiological changes and clinical features seen in disease processes".[10]

In 2008, Campbell established a YouTube channel to provide educational lectures on topics in health science and nursing.[11] With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, Campbell started to focus on major issues related to the pandemic.[12] Until 2020, his videos received an average of several thousand views each, but after starting to report on COVID-19, his channel began to receive significant traffic.[11] Between February and March 2020, his channel increased from an average of 500,000 views per month to 9.6 million, the plurality of which originated from the United States.[13] By September 2020, his videos had been viewed more than 50 million times.[14] Campbell has spoken of the importance of "a calm and measured approach that is as informed as possible"[15] and aims to assist people in making informed decisions about their health, giving a counterbalance to what he perceived were other persons on social media "spreading absolutely bonkers – and sometimes dangerous – information".[13]

In August 2020, UNICEF's regional office for Europe and Central Asia cited Campbell's YouTube channel as an excellent example of how experts might engage with social media to combat misinformation,[16] citing a March 2020 briefing by Social Science in Action.[17] In an October 2020 interview on DW, Campbell is introduced as "an independent health analyst and one of the UK's on-line authorities on this pandemic."[18]