Sunday, October 30, 2022

"They're so afraid of the risk, in part because we're creating that risk": Dr Robert Malone on The mRNA Vaccines, The CIA, and National Defense

He begins his discussion with the question "Why mRNA?"

The problem we have is that the technology to enable individuals to engineer bio-weapons has become so trivial that a college senior working out of their, or somebody of similar education level, they can self-train, working out of their garage with stuff they can get off of eBay, can easily recreate the most lethal pathogen combinations that our government came up with in the bio-warfare program that we ran for years. I'm not saying we're not still running it. We do it under a different moniker. We call it defensive bio-weapons research, not offensive bio-weapons research. I'm not sure what the difference is, but that's the language that's imposed from the bio-warfare treaty that was signed. It leaks like a sieve. 

            But I want you to understand, and if you don't mind keeping the slides up on the monitor because I need those because I'm of a certain age that I need these visual connections. Just to frame it, with traditional vaccine technology, we anticipate having vaccines, if everything goes well, for all of the bio-warfare agents deployed up until the end of World War II, that's tularemia and smallpox and all those things. Vaccines for all of the warfare agents deployed up until the end of World War II, and we'll have all those by the year 2050 if everything goes well. 

            Clearly, now we're in an environment in which a young adult or a bad actor in any part of the world can create very potent bio-weapons. Clearly, we don't have the capability to respond to that efficiently. That is the underlying unmet medical need. That's the problem set. We need to be all clear about that. We get all wound up. I'm not defending in any way the way this has been deployed. I'm not saying that this solution is the best solution. I'm just saying there is an unmet medical need, which is there is a very significant threat. It is not trivial. It's not a figment of Cheney's imagination that bio-warfare agents can be engineered. 

            I'm convinced we have been doing most of the engineering up until this point, and the stuff that is going to come out in Bobby's (Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.) next book is going to blow your circuits in terms of what we have done in Georgia and Ukraine. We'll park that. These things are being done. The problem is that once they're let loose, which we've all experienced over the last three years, it's almost three years now really. It's the end of September, the data shows that the beginning of the outbreak was at least September of 2019, if not earlier. We've got three years of experience now in what this means. 

            Once those things are let loose, they can sweep the world. The technology is now advanced to the point where pathogens can be engineered so they're relatively specific for different ethnic groups based on their genetics. Pathogens can be engineered. I can tell you my friends, or what used to be my buddies at DTRA, Defense Threat Reduction Agency Chem Bio Division, are extremely acutely aware that agents can be engineered to target ethnic groups. That's the battlefield. That's the real environment we're in. We have to have some technology to enable rapid response.

There is also this passage which discusses how the mRNA vaccines, by focusing only on the Spike Protein, actually cause the viruses to mutate away from the Spike Protein, while at the same time, not having to mutate any of it's other dangerous aspects (I'm sure I am not quite getting this, or explaining it correctly).

When they built these vaccines they chose to basically start with what had been done before and failed with MERS and SARS 1 vaccine development and only use a single protein, only used the spike protein and used the whole spike protein because they were in denial that the whole spike protein was a toxin and they still are, but they're kind of starting to have to concede that point. 

            But they only used one antigen. When you get infected by the virus, you mount a antibody and a cellular immune response against a whole bunch of antigens, and so if the virus starts to evolve to evade immune surveillance on the spike protein, which is what's happened in the face of all these jabs that everybody's got all over the world, if it starts with a natural immunity, if it starts to evolve to escape that immune suppression, immune pressure on the spike, it can't do that at the same time that it's evolving to escape all the other forms of immune pressure that are there because of all the other proteins that it makes. This is fundamental. Everybody knows this in my field

Thus we are more likely to see a new COVID virus which has mutated away from the Spike Protein.  

Maybe this is why Boston University Medical Center had developed their new virus (using Gain-of-Function) which had another protein, rather than the Spike Protein.

Gee, d'ya think? 

NIH to Investigate Boston Lab’s New COVID Strain Research with 80% Death Rate After Top NIH Director Admits She Was Unaware of the Study


revereridesagain said...

Possibly the most enlightening and informative presentation I've heard yet. I'm passing it along to my email group. And will continue to refuse the jabs.

Pastorius said...

I agree. This one is important.