Saturday, October 29, 2022

Paul Pelosi and His "2 AM Intruder" (Sounds Like a Van Halen Song) Were Both In Holding Hammers, Pelosi Was Tied Up, and The Intruder Was Wearing Only His Underwear

No one should be subjected to violence in their own home. Paul Pelosi is elderly and no match for a 42 year old male intruder with a weapon. I don’t care for Pelosi or her politics but that doesn’t warrant an attack on a family member. 
That said…the authorized narrative for this incident as well as the earlier DUI incident in August is full of holes. 
The Pelosi household is wealthy and given Nancy’s political position, well protected with multiple layers of security in place. That this intruder managed to access the interior of the Pelosi residence at that hour without any household security member stopping him before he harmed Paul Pelosi is very suspect. 
Fox just reported the suspect was arrested in his underwear. 
"The perp reportedly (by Terry Moran) entered through a rear sliding door. He and Pelosi were both in their underwear when LE arrived. 
He didn’t attack Pelosi until cops were on the scene. 
As a Castro (famously gay SF neighborhood) and/or Berkeley resident, it’s very odd that he supposedly has written an anti-government, antisemitic manifesto – probably the first for anyone living in such far-leftist places!!! 
Bottom line: this story is fishy, to say the least." 



Anonymous said...

More likely Paul Pelosi and the intruder fought over control of the hammer (but whose hammer was it?)...consider the visual evidence as illustrated in the following tweet:

MORE: “The suspect was arrested in his underwear” and authorities have found an anti-government manifesto

Anonymous said...

oops... wrong tweet's the correct reference:

Check where the broken glass is and tell me this was a break IN. More like a break OUT.

Anonymous said...

"How does someone in their underwear make their way from Berkeley to San Francisco?"

Paul Pelosi made cryptic 'life-saving' 911 call from bathroom while attacker was in home

The police tape says Pelosi told them he didnt know the person but then referred to him as “David” and 'a friend'.

Calls start at 5:27:56 AM if Eastern time 2:27:56 AM if Pacific time. Just click that recording and let it run.,927&time=1666948500089&starred=true

Anonymous said...

Paul calls 911 dispatch, makes limited description “Friend named here David here, being annoying, asking for my wife”
911 calls cops and tells him to get to Pelosi’s house NOW because something funny is up.
Cops show up in like a minute and Pelosi is swinging a hammer at David, telling him to get out, David is screaming, “WHERE IS NANCY! I’ll TELL EVERYONE IF I DONT GET PAID!”
Paul swings at David, David grabs it and clocks him in the head and hits the window trying to get out.
Cops tase him.

My guess.

What is interesting is by the time the cops arrive they know this is Pelosi’s house. yet, they didn’t immediately go after Underwear dude.

It is such a weird situation

They were observing like they were looking at a possible domestic dispute instead of a dude trying to kill Pelosi

Pastorius said...

Thanks for the information, but I am unclear.

How do i know the FreeRepublic stuff is accurate?

And i don't really understand the police radio chatter.

Anonymous said...

The freerepublic quotes are hypotheticals given the information provided - plausible hypotheticals only.