Tuesday, March 28, 2023

28 Year Old Transgender Woman ("Man") Shoots Up Christian School In Nashville, Tennessee, 6 Dead, Including 3 Children

Mass Shooting at Nashville’s Covenant School – MULTIPLE INJURIES – 6 DEAD… Shooter Is Dead

28-Year-Old Deceased Nashville Shooter Identified- ‘Audrey Hale” an Illustrator, Identifies as Transgender – Included Manifesto (PHOTOS)

Hale is a biological female who identifies as male and uses he/him pronouns. 
Please note the media is not using "His" pronouns correctly.

So, apparently, when a transgender "Her/Him" shoots up a school, they are identified by their sex not their gender?


Anonymous said...

Legislation is needed. When a toilet is backed up with sewage, a plumber is called. This sewage is reaching out to our children and individuals with disabilities.

Drag queens, transgenders must stay in the pipes and not spill out into our homes.

Do I sound harsh? You betcha. One little girl wailed that she didn't want to be an only child, when losing a sibling. A pastor and his family, lost their only daughter.

These individuals attack everything that is good, sensible, desirable for societal health. We allowed it. It is up to us to legally drive it back into the hole from which it came.


revereridesagain said...

This is the first report I've read that clearly identified this person as a female claiming to be male. All the rest simply used the "transgender" tag as if afraid to identify the facts.

Anonymous is right, this has been allowed to proceed much too far, and it has to stop. Every individual supporting the "2+2=5" rejection of reality that is the "transgender" mythology is guilty of enabling the inmates who are seizing control of the asylum and who have become increasingly threatening in their demands. Most likely the authorities are withholding the "manifesto" in concern over the predictable demands and threats it contains, and it will be "interesting" to hear the reaction from the "trans community".