Monday, March 20, 2023

Modern life isn't real - it's created by the media

This is a very important article about "the News" are PR Machine for corporate interests. 

I can confirm that back in the early 2000's, I wrote Public Relations pieces for multiple companies. I sent them in to major newspapers, and they were published verbatim as articles in the newspaper.

My pieces were, as I say, Public Relations pieces, or "Press Releases." Ultimately, they were sales pitches, assembled in the form of an news article. 

And they were published VERBATIM.

When the ruling elites desire a social change, they utilise their PR vehicles to induce it, via emotive pieces in the newspapers, certain storylines in soap operas, and "case studies" in magazines (ask any seasoned journalist: these are almost always completely made up).

I found more confirming evidence for this when I read the book 'Subverted', by a former staff writer for Cosmopolitan magazine. She wrote for the magazine in the 1960s, and explained that Cosmo journalists were given explicit instructions from the "higher-ups" to write case-studies about "strong, independent young women" who weren't interested in marriage or settling down, but were instead having casual flings with rich, older men, to help them advance their careers.

These case studies, and the women they featured, were totally fictional. But when young women read them, and thought this was what other, cool, successful young women were doing, they began to mimic them. So heralded the mainstreaming of the sexual revolution.

That is what I mean by the title of this piece, "modern life isn't real" - it largely isn't, if we take 'real' to mean natural and organic and created by people of their own free will. Rather, dominant social movements, thoughts, and behaviours, are expertly manipulated and stage-managed into being by the ruling classes, via various media vehicles. People who follow mainstream social trends, from the swinging sixties and all that that implied, to today's masks and monkey-mania, think they're acting of their own free will, when they are not. They are instead puppets of the marionette media ... 



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