Monday, March 27, 2023

Explaining Marxism Methodology

Vlad Tepes shares three videos, and some thoughts on the strategies of Communists in their never-ending revolution:

Several years ago now, in what was truly a labour of love and desperation to try and point out what was taking place around the Western world, three videos were transalted from a Polish academic on the nature of communism and communist methodology, in such a way that we may recognize it as it plays out around us and in policy. 
This is dense. It is not something you can watch while sipping a Mojito. But it is absolutely worth the effort. Each video covers an important aspect of the things being done to us in every institution as the Communist revolution that has overtaken free and democratic societies entrenches itself. Grab a coffee and check these out please.


Far left wing extremist Ottawa doctor, famed for wearing a mask while alone in her office, Nil Kaplan Myrth, shut off the microphone of a concerned parent who was objecting to the state insisting that a male claiming to be a female can use women’s bathroom facilities in the name of “trans-rights”. Just in case anyone still thinks Canada is not a communist polity where only state imposed, pseudo-realities will be accepted. The state has the right to literally turn your children into monsters and if you object, Discourse Theory kicks in and you will be treated as a thought criminal.

The school board here actually removed the video of the meeting from YouTube in what can only be called a full Winston Smith move. Again, if anyone is keeping a list of proofs that Canada is a communist polity, here you have two items. Shutting the mic off when a parent of children raises very real concerns, and then blocking the video from public view of their communist and authoritarian behaviour.

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