Monday, March 20, 2023

Soft-Kill Slaughterhouses and the Controlled Demolition of Our Society

"I lost another friend and colleague yesterday. He had a massive heart attack. Mid 40s. Father. His wife is also 22 weeks pregnant. And the MPs won't even listen to @ABridgen. I am so furious and disgusted. Burn this system to the ground. Now. It's not fit for purpose." (Emphasis mine.)

I just read this heart-wrenching post on Twitter, and of course, it's one of many thousands of a similar theme. There now exists nobody in the Western world whose life hasn't been negatively affected, and in many cases irreparably torpedoed, by the injectable bioweapon (I feel quite lucky in that I "only" know of four or five people seriously disabled or killed since the rollout, including one massive heart attack (non-fatal), one case of cardiac tamponade (fatal), one brain haemorrhage (fatal), and one sudden, aggressive cancer (fatal). All of these people had been fit and healthy beforehand).

In the last few weeks, many of the soft-kill slaughterhouses administering these poisons closed their doors permanently, because, now having dispensed over 100 million injections, their job is done. 

And that means, now, The Great Reveal - which has been rumbling along in the background for some months now - is really going to hit the mainstream. The damage done by the injections is so immense and so catastrophic that the floodgates are about to burst, and this was always part of the plan. 

We are witnessing a controlled demolition of our society in real time, and the purpose of this strategised attack is encapsulated in the bolded section of the Tweet above - to rouse such overwhelming anger and acute fury in the populace that no form of justice or vengeance will be good enough except "burning it all to the ground".  

Of course, I agree with this sentiment - to call our present regime "corrupt" would be the understatement of the millennium, and current culture is about as deranged, depraved, insane, sick, and evil as it is conceivable for a culture to be (drag queens gyrating in front of babies?), so, yes, certainly, let's do away with it.

The question is, and replace it with what?

We are being skilfully manipulated to howl for justice as the true horrors of the government genocide programme are revealed, in a way that most optimally serves the establishment. We must be fully aware of this so that the legitimate movement demanding justice and accountability, is not hijacked by infiltrating establishment assets tasked with harnessing our anger and redirecting it to their own ends. 

As it stands, the establishment is going to try and respond to the cataclysmic problems that they have created, with solutions that are likely to be even worse.


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