Friday, March 31, 2023

Whistleblower nurses come forward with how hospitals were killing patients during covid


The video is 10 minutes long, and is just a brief portion of a longer video.  This is a must watch 10 minutes.

The link for the entire video is here 

A few highlights from the 10 minute version: 

A nurse is very upset and distraught that she had been caring for a covid patient and she thought he was going to be the only one she had taken care of that “made it”.  One day, they pulled her from taking care of him, shipped her to cover in the Emergency Department, and 20 minutes later, her patient died.  She knew then that one of her colleagues killed him. 

A traveling nurse went to NYC during the early days of the pandemic and she knew quickly that something was not right.  She contacted an attorney to discuss what she was seeing in the hospital, and he had her wear a pair of glasses with a camera in them.  She talks about patients coding and the staff doing nothing to help them, just letting them die.  Families were told “we did everything we could”, but this nurse knew that was a lie.  She went undercover and there is a conversation with another nurse about non-covid patients being in the same room with covid patients.  One of them was a post stroke patient who was put onto the covid unit and of course, he got covid and intubated. 

“My bigger problem with this whole scenario is when they intubate people, that don’t need it (the ventilator), and it’s very clear to me they are just pushing it (the ventilator), the day before he was fine on a non-rebreather mask, then they intubated him, he got a pneumo (collapsed lung), then a chest tube (for the pneumo), and it turned to shit, and now he’s a 37 year old who is dead”. 

The nurse who went undercover discusses the oath to do no harm, that nurses advocate for their patients and are mandated reporters.  That the ICU’s were being ran by residents, not attending physicians.  There were ophthalmology and dentists running the units.  A few respiratory therapists running the entire hospital.  People who did not know how to use the ventilators were blowing out peoples lungs, they would die, and another one would take their place. 

Another conversation in the video: 

Nurse 2 (to a resident) : this is important.  I just asked them if we could put in a DNR order and they said, no, that is up to the attending (physician).

Nurse 3: okay, so were gonna code him if he goes code blue? 

Nurse 2: that’s what I said!  And they said no, we’re not going to code them.

Nurse 3: WHAT?!?! 

Nurse 2: I said, yes we are 

Undercover nurse: We are obligated to (resuscitate if there is no DNR in place) 

Nurse 2: so then I said…. 

Nurse 3: we gotta say something though, like, its our license, unfortunately you guys (provider) gotta put in an order, just something. 

Nurse 2: but thats what I said, I said I am obligated. 

Undercover nurse: what did she say? 

Nurse 2: so then she’s like, the higher ups said. Well I said I don’t care what they say. 

Undercover nurse: what higher up? God? We don’t have a God here making decisions. 

Nurse 2: I said, I don’t care what they say. 

I have no words for this.  This makes me absolutely ill. 

They go on to discuss how patients who came into the ER were given no options.  They were told if they left, they would die.  Fear drove them to agree to being admitted, which led to intubation and a ventilator, and eventually death.  They trusted the healthcare employees.  

They packed people into hospitals, it led to more admissions and more money for every admission that ended up getting covid.  Financial incentive.  They earned $13k for admitting them, $39k for putting them on a ventilator, and another $10k per death.  There was ZERO liability for the hospital or staff for doing this.  

They were paying nurses upwards of $10k per week, and providers $50-60k per week while this was going on.  Hush money.  Do what we tell you to do.  Everyone was on a gag order.  If you spoke out, you were fired.


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