Thursday, June 01, 2023


As it should be. (Yeah, I ended a sentence in a linking verb. Bite me!) 
From my morning e mail to a dear friend: 
“I have always believed our culture is like a pendulum. If it swings too far left, when it swings too far right, it is about auto correction. Of course, the continued push against trans agenda will be presented as “extreme”. It is actually an attempt at auto correction. 
For me the emphases needs to be on ZERO taxpayer funding for Drag shows and quarantine of these nasty lil’ biting bugs away from the children. I read about a school where the trans aide has been removed because of a backlash in an elementary school over PRIDE events. 
This pervert was an aide in a special ed class. What could POSSIBLY go wrong? I did not know trans events were now in the elementary schools. Gosh. 
Our future generations may not know basic math, but they will be the dull blade desensitized to accept psychiatric nonsense. There is good news today. The Pentagon has been outed for misuse of taxpayer dollars. Our money is allocated for mission readiness. Drag shows? “Nellis U Drag”. Maybe it should be “Nellis U Fags” – because at the end of the day, a transgender male is just the average gay who lusts after another man. He is merely in costume. He is an exotic. 
Learning curve here: Bud Light is still going to give $200,000 to the LGBTQ Chamber of Congress this year. I didn’t know such a thing existed. It is a small amount in the greater scheme of their billions, but it still shows callous disregard for what our culture wants; and should not tolerate – sewage spilling over into the streets, into our schools and our homes. Also – are consumers aware of the many different brands of beer which represent Anheuser-Busch? 
I have tried to educate myself a bit regarding their various labels. I believe there is nothing new under the sun. That being said, certain individuals within society are noted to be underbelly, not topside … best left in the underground and subterranean dark spaces which suit their darkened minds … swim in the sewers but not the public pools. 
This is about civilizational boundaries which keep greater society healthy. We take note of transgenders, and their pitiful chosen condition. But we do not promote them because we feel sorry for them. “Compassion” means a path to healing and not continued delusion.” 
In a prior blog I mentioned “Listen for the prophetic”. I believe that the prophetic can be gifted in greater measure within the intellect of the musician. What might not “preach” well, can reach a greater audience with music. I always listen for the prophetic in song. Whether it be Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Doobie Brothers, etc. the prophetic can exist within the musical universe. 
Listen carefully to the words. This rapper, is making an impact. Hell, I don’t even like rap – but I like this rapper. smile



Jessica Harper said...

It's unbelievable. Have been avidly following the Bud Light saga on various convervative YouTubers' channels. V entertaining to see them go down and down. Also Target. Finally a few victories in the culture war. The drag queen situation is more disturbing. Whatever a minority wants, they must have, for they must be right.

revereridesagain said...

30-40 years ago we caught pedos using fear and threats against kids while wearing weird costumes and everybody said THAT CAN'T HAPPEN!!

So, here we are again, costumes and all. This time they have the whole Woke Left on their side pushing their predatory agenda. But last time we didn't have PROOF everywhere, online, every moment of the day and night, "proud" and demanding to be "affirmed" and "out" where what they are up to can't be ignored.

thelastenglishprince said...

It was traditionally "Bride's months" and "Father's Day". It has been replaced with onesies that say "I love my two mommies" and mind-bending brainwashing.

"Pride" month used to be "Shame" - something that was lived quietly, not flaunted, and with an understanding that maybe Dad and Mom should live to their old age in peace.

"Coming out" was genius! The community would not accept you unless you came out. Now, you have to tell the whole world... dare them not to accept you... demand they accept you. And you might just break your parents hearts.

Have you noticed that burglars, shoplifters, adulterers, do not "come out" to their parents? sigh