Tuesday, September 05, 2023


“To my mild shame, I largely did as I was told during the pandemic. I wore the masks, got the shots, worked from home, worshiped online. I even stayed away from my father’s house as he lay dying from cancer. I should have been there. I’ll never get over that. I complied because everyone seemed to be complying and I didn’t have the guts to say no. In hindsight I can’t help but feel I sold my God-given freedom too cheaply. I won’t get fooled again.” 

“I’ll take my stand. Whatever happens, I won’t participate in meaningless gestures. That means no masks, under any circumstances. Never again. I’ll also pledge no fist bumps, no grocery washing, no crossing the street to avoid my neighbors, no locking myself away from the world, no health attestations. I won’t present my papers. I won’t swab my nose morning, noon and night. And I won’t submit to mandates that fill my veins—or, more important, my children’s veins—with new drugs and vaccines that haven’t been tested the way drugs and vaccines normally are.” 

In a world where it seems like everyone is still asleep…….know that so many are not going along with this again. This past week in my office the topic of masks and the “return of covid” was brought up many times by patients. Every single one of them said they were not going to do this again, and learned the last time that it wasn’t helpful and it is ruining our community. 

For perspective on that, 2 years ago, those same people would have never entered my office if they knew I was not vaccinated, they would have vehemently screamed that I was a science denier for not vaxxing and masking. Now? They have joined the other side.

Don’t give up. Take a stand. Refuse to play along with the charade.


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