Friday, December 01, 2023

Ireland's Political Class is Tripling Down: You Are Not Allowed to Say That the Permanent Welfare Case Who Went Into a Stabbing Frenzy in a Nursery is Foreign-Born and Was Due for Deportation in 2003


Below, a journalist (a real one) named John McGirk questions by what authority the media may decide that some facts cannot be reported. Or must even be lied about -- the BBC and other media organizations repeatedly claimed the nursery knife terrorist was not an immigrant, though he was. TRANSCRIPT: 
Ciara: Your website, John McGuirk, has received a lot of criticism for...  
McGuirk: For reporting the news. 
Ciara: For choosing to highlight the nationality of the suspect in this knife attack at a moment in time when there's hostilities in the city center. I'm wondering in what way did you feel his nationality had a bearing on this incident. 
McGuirk: It was entirely relevant because, as subsequent facts have shown, he was somebody who came here, was granted...was given citizenship after being issued with a deportation order. And has never, according to some [garbled], worked a day in his life. And rather than what happened with Josef Puska*, what happened in Sligo with Yousef Palani**. It is further relevant, I would is fascinating I'm being asked this question because no one is saying the story is untrue. Essentially the story...essentially the position...[interruptions] 
Ciara: Is it relevant? 
McGuirk: Essentially now the position seems to have gone from we're worried about mis-information and dis-information to where we can no longer report true information or you're whipping up fear.


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