Friday, September 23, 2022

WE JUST WANT TO GET MARRIED: NEA's LGBTQ+ Caucus Promotes "Fisting", "Rimming", and "Giving/Receiving Pain and Humiliation for Pleasure"

Ace comments:

You know, when the debate about gay marriage raged, it wasn't primarily gay marriage people were worried about. Oh, they were bothered by that, don't get me wrong. But they were even more worried about what would follow gay marriage -- the Main Streeting of the Folsom Street Fair.

That will never happen, the gay lobby reassured them. We would never do that. We just want to get married.

Gay marriage advocates like Andrew Sullivan told people who were worried about this that gay marriage would not result in gay fetish culture becoming normalized in straight society, but instead, straight normie bourgeois culture becoming the norm in gay culture.

And no one, ever, thought that gays would dare attempting bringing gay hypersexuality into schools or libraries to expose other people's children to fetish culture. That wasn't even something many people realized they needed to be worried about.

But here we are. And the same people who said "We just want to be married" are now saying "We just want to have frank discussions with your children about anal sex and bondage and anal fisting. Only then can we be free."



Anonymous said...

Of course I will not mention this, because it might be a HIPPA violation....

Two men on a stretcher brought in by ambulance and covered with one sheet. One man got his fist stuck in the other man's nether regions.

Of course, we should not discuss unhealthy behavior. But the stories I can tell, the first person accounts of homosexual injuries: including that in one month I cared for two different men who had perforated their colon and both required a colostomy because of using an exit for an entrance. Sorry, guys. It is an exit only. Don't shove apothecary bottles... Christmas lights... your police baton, and yes, indeed - that bicycle pump up your rectum.

Tammy Swofford, R.N. BSN

Pastorius said...

All of that and more coming to a school near you.

revereridesagain said...

By the way, mentioning no names, but some Prominent Gay Conservatives who currently have their panties in a twist over accusations of the "grooming" of children by certain elements of the "gay community" may perhaps need to get the hell off their high horses and tell us why they claim, if they do, that this does not fit that definition. Because it certainly appears to, to those of us who can read.