Tuesday, September 05, 2023

Burning Man Descends Into Chaos, Attendees Turn on Each Other as They Desperately Try to Flee Muddy Hellhole, Chris Rock Escapes in Back of Fan’s Truck

Burning Man attendees are desperately trying to get home after being stuck in a muddy hellhole for days. Burning Man is a yearly drug-infested music and art festival in Northern Nevada in Black Rock City. 
According to reports, this year’s Burning Man was exceptionally degenerate and dubbed the “wildest festival of the year.” 
‘Burners’ engaged in sexually degenerate activities such as “whippings by a dominatrix priestess,” “circle jerks,” “c*ck fights” and orgies. 
Then the heavens opened up and drenched the festival with 3 months’ worth of rain in 24 hours trapping 73,000 people on the playa. 
Conditions deteriorated as severe thunderstorms and strong winds continued to batter the region on Sunday. 
Things descended into chaos at the utopian event as rumors of an Ebola outbreak spread through the camp. 
The full porta-potties have left a foul odor lingering at the camp. 
“The hardest thing will certainly be bathrooms filling up,” one attendee told the Washington Post. “I’ve heard some are definitely getting really gross.” 
Attendees, like crabs in a bucket, turned on each other as some revelers tried to escape the muddy hellhole. 
One of the Burners almost got run over by an RV while trying to stop people from leaving. 
The environmentalists don’t want any vehicles driving through the muddy playa.


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