Sunday, September 10, 2023

They're trying to make us want "smart cities" by turning all the great old cities into sh*t-holes

What we have in the making is a planned takedown of all society to make room for their New World Order or the Great Reset they are so anxious to launch by 
If you take stock of where we have traveled as a nation these last two and a half years, one can only marvel in disgust at the divergence in our morality, standard of living, personal safety, national and economic security, and sense of well-being. 
Pride in our nation is all but gone Pride in our nation is all but gone, especially in the Blue states. We are no longer governed but ruled. Senators threaten Supreme Court Justices, and federal law enforcement agencies are rife with corruption. 
Democrats no longer want to compete with their opponents only destroy them. States like California are in freefall while their state assembly declares August 'Transgender History Month'. 
Major cities and surrounding areas are under siege. People, for no apparent reason, are beaten senseless in the streets, and the thug is released within hours to do it again. Mobs of thieves invade stores, stealing everything not nailed down. Homes are broken into not just once, but regularly. People block windows in their homes with 2x4s. 
Apart from all this, we see massive inflation—not the Janet Yellen 'transitory' inflation she lied about, but serious embedded inflation that shows no sign of letup. It's already showing itself in rising gas prices and car insurance premiums. 
The Left's rioting in 2020 numbers at least 25 dead, destroyed billions in private property, and the rioters were either let go or the Democrat Party paid their bail. It's a feeling that law and order have been canceled for all except the Dems political opposition. 
The Right makes legitimate claims of voter fraud in a peaceful demonstration, and the Left responds by creating a giant fly trap in Washington to capture mere protesters, calling them insurrectionists, and making examples of them for all to see. 
For Trump supporters, the hammer comes down hard. Anyone familiar with Germany in the 1930s should be alarmed. 
Once-grand hotels are filled with migrants and, in many cases, trashed. The Democrat Party decided we needed millions and millions of migrants (6-8 million to date) to pick the crops in New York City and Chicago. Millions of foreign faces have entered our country that we cannot communicate with. The government doesn't know who they are. We certainly don't. The millions of illegals are now competing with the poor and homeless for jobs, food, healthcare, and very soon shelter.


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