Monday, June 18, 2007

ABC 4:45 PM EST Exclusive: Suicide Bomb Teams Sent to U.S., Europe


Large teams of newly trained suicide bombers are being sent to the United States and Europe, according to evidence contained on a new videotape obtained by the Blotter on

Teams assigned to carry out attacks in the United States, Canada, Great Britain and Germany were introduced at an al Qaeda/Taliban training camp graduation ceremony held June 9.

A Pakistani journalist was invited to attend and take pictures as some 300 recruits, including boys as young as 12, were supposedly sent off on their suicide missions.

The tape shows Taliban military commander Mansoor Dadullah, whose brother was killed by the U.S. last month, introducing and congratulating each team as they stood.

"These Americans, Canadians, British and Germans come here to Afghanistan from faraway places," Dadullah says on the tape. "Why shouldn't we go after them?"

The leader of the team assigned to attack Great Britain spoke in English.

"So let me say something about why we are going, along with my team, for a suicide attack in Britain," he said. "Whether my colleagues, companions and Muslim brothers die today or tonight, every drop of our blood will invigorate the Muslim (unintelligible)."


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Michael Travis said...

Now Epi....let's not become intolerant and xenophobic.

Soon, we'll be welcoming 1.2 Million Iraqi ex-policemen, Military and contractors that have "cooperated" with the United States. We will have to take into consideration their different customs and religious rituals. One of these rituals (as we know full well) is te slaughter of Puzzo wrote; "it ain't's just business". You can substitute; "it's my religious duty" for the business bit.

For the sake of world peace, and to avoid further global warming, we should embrace the religion of our new have the Episcopal Church, the Evangelical Lutheran Church, and the happy serfs of Southern California.

Tolerance, love and submission is what is needed. Try to understand the Islamic point of view...and the next time you meet a Jihadi on the street....go ahead! Give him a great big hug.

Peace out!

Epaminondas said...


KG said...

I'm all for the "great big hug" solution.
About 20 megatons of hug, followed by sowing the ground that isn't glowing with salt and the execution of every muslim male over the age of twelve.
Then repatriating every muslim living in the west to a small island somewhere in the South Atlantic..
and bombing that too.
Alternatively, we could try the civilised and merciful approach--a couple of B52s circling Mecca and Ryadh with a guarantee that the first suicide attack on Western soil will see those places levelled.
No negotiation, no "nation building" afterwards.

Epaminondas said...

kg, don't hold back, how do you really feel?

KG said...

I'm not a big fan of islam, epaminondas. :-)

Anonymous said...