Friday, June 22, 2007

Fox News Visits Red House VA…Again

Larwyn reports that Fox News will be covering Red House tonight. Supposedly an ex-member will be interviewed and will spill the beans about their connections with Sheikh Jilani.

Larwyn also says:

Sheikh Gilani LaneBREAKING- MUSLIMS OF AMERICA in Redhouse Va (see Gates of Vienna coverage) A former member admits that they work and send up to 30% of their $$$$ to Pakistan. ON FOX NOW — Catherine Herrige reporting. Check GOV who will be on this fully, I am sure! Oh, members also reported to have traveled to Trindad!

But Gates of Vienna does not have a TV so anyone watching Brit Hume tonight at 7:00 pm is welcome to give us any information that comes up since we won’t be watching it.

Anybody want to volunteer to do a quick and dirty transcript of the interview? We can put it up then.

It’s so nice that after all these years, and the heckling from the Left, and the County Board of Supervisors’ insistence that these are “good people” that finally the MSM is going after this story.

Somebody kiss Fox for me.


John Sobieski said...

I saw about a 2 minute report. It was very revealing what the guy had to say about a cut of their salary being sent to Pakistan. Maybe Fox will put it up on their website. Surely the FBI is investigating this group.

Always On Watch said...

One would hope that the feds are investigating. But somehow, I'm not counting on it.

Always On Watch said...

HERE is one reason I'm skeptical about the feds doing certain investigations:

In March of this year I met with an agent of the Federal Bureau of Investigation who shared my concern that Professor Julio Pino of Kent State University may have ties to Middle Eastern terrorist groups like Al-Quada. I also talked via email and telephone to Jimmy Stewart, a legislator from the State of Ohio. Stewart’s office expressed interest in an investigation of Pino after he admitted his ties to a terrorist website that promoted genocide and the killing of innocent children.

Based upon my faulty assumption that the state and federal government can be trusted to do anything right (I admit I haven’t been listening to Neal Boortz enough lately) I simply turned over the evidence and moved on to cover other stories. Now - even after I have turned over evidence linking Julio Pino and his pro-violence, indeed pro-genocide, activities to his office at Kent State – it appears that the anti-Semitic rodent is raising his head and speaking out again in public....

Pino continues on as a professor at Kent State.

Michael Travis said...

The FOX footage so far is from their report of last month........when they arrived at the compound accompanied by local law enforcement.

I'd like to see something new from FOX....but like others...I (drat, darn it ) don't receive Fox.