Monday, June 18, 2007

Dag is Haut!

I've been checking out the babe market for quite some time now, and I think I finally found someone who fits my bill. I'm rev'ed. So Dag goes a'courtin'.

Here's my chance to get a French gal who actually has a few bucks stashed away, one who's not too bright to the point she makes me feel I have to watch what I say, and who's got so many kids she'd be thankful to have a stud on the line. Yeah, she's a pinko but she's French, and that makes her a faux. I'm getting all spiffied up, and I'm going to hit on this one fast.

"French power couple splits."
"The famously dysfunctional couple at the head of France's main opposition Socialist Party is breaking up.
Segolene Royal had shown little delicacy in sweeping aside Francois Hollande - Socialist party boss and the father of her four children - to bid for the French presidency herself. She also kept him and the Socialists at arm's length for much of her failed campaign.
And on Sunday night, as results of parliamentary elections rolled in, they announced that their romantic relationship, intimately intertwined with their political one, was over.
She ain't much to look at, an' I don't care. Guys, just move back and watch the pro Se'go.

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