Sunday, December 27, 2009

Madoff's Model is Obama's success

The client will ignore 'too good to be true' if you can just keep paying.

Just ask Ben 'uncle sam will pay 100% of Nebraska's medicaid...FOREVER' Nelson. Or Chris "I get a free hospital' Dodd (did they really need to bribe him?)

Both of my senators voted against this health care bill. We get squat. Will the voters hold it against these two pretty fine ladies that they weren't WHORES?

After all, Nelson's price may have been in the 'escort for a 2 week vacation only class', but let's not kid ourselves about any rationalizations he has to offer.

This govt has established a rule that so long as they buy off people PUBLICLY, and the benefits to the tiny class of receivers (for instance Nebraska's Medicaid population and the taxpayers who support Medicaid in Nebraska) are visible, then the rest of the nation can pay off the promises made to get Nelson into the sack.

That the money for this EXISTS and we can continue on this path and way of doing business IS THE HEART OF THIS PONZI SCHEME.

And make no mistake that the takers and looters in this case and the others to come are doing so congratulating themselves for their good fortune in playing their part in the nation's demise every bit as much as all those who knew 24% return from Madoff was so impossible that the later investors were bound to get completely screwed. FOR THE REMAINDER OF THEIR LIVES

The CBO said this week that half a trillion in savings was actually double counted. But it doesn't matter. Nowhere on this planet is there a govt health care plan, or federally CONTROLLED health care plan which comes in anywhere CLOSE to budget. That's a fact.

Just follow the money. The greed, corruption, bribery we see in plain sight are no more capitalism (or socialism) than Madoff's little experiment.

But don't ask Nebraskans if it's too good to be true.

But you know what? Madoff's clients turned out to be the biggest schmucks

Looked in the mirror lately?

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