Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Master of Politically Incorrect


Human Events:

Politically Correct in '09
by Ted Nugent


Of the many self-inflicted problems that face our country, none is as dangerous to the survival of our nation as the curse of political correctness.

Political correctness is a cancer that many Americans, government institutions, businesses and even many individual citizens have willfully embraced and now serve as hosts who intentionally spread this horrible disease.

Let me be clear: political correctness is a form of cowardice that leads to brain damage. It concerns itself with feeling good instead of thinking clearly and actually doing good. It masks the truth because the truth is too uncomfortable for the intellectually and spiritually weak in our society. To others, political correctness serves as a useful smokescreen. Political correctness is ultimately about stepping on the throat of common sense and strangling the life out of it. Logic be damned.

Need some recent examples of politically correct poison?

How about the Muslim terrorist -- yes terrorist -- who killed thirteen soldiers and wounded thirty more at Fort Hood? Many politicians, including our president, did their best to mask the discomforting truth about this hate mongering, murdering Muslim terrorist. Instead of calling him what he is, a Muslim terrorist, many in our government and the media did their best to downplay his Muslim religion and his e-mail communication with another radical Muslims, the clear and present enemies of America. The truth is that the murdering punk is a soulless, America hating Muslim terrorist.

Political correctness has enabled various human scum to slaughter innocent people. All recent mass killings including the slaughter at Fort Hood have occurred in the left's dream of gun free zones. Dozens of Americans have died because some political correct moron decided to make a shopping mall, Army fort, school campus, church, restaurant, and many other places gun free zones, the unarmed, helpless playground for murderers.

That's right, some feel-good idiot made a conscious decision to create an environment that literally guarantees victims. And for what reason did they create this intolerable and inhumane environment: they wanted to "feel" good that they were doing something to reduce violence. The result: they created killing fields in every case.

The global warming issue is one of the biggest political correct frauds in the history of mankind. If you recall, back in the 1970s the environmental alarmists were telling us we were on the verge of an ice age. Now, Al Gore--possibly one of the biggest energy consumers and carbon emitters in the United States--wants us to believe that man is
the cause of the earth warming. Al Gore is a fraud who has made tens of millions peddling his global warming junk science. He is the Bernie Madoff of the science community.

Due to political correctness, schools have expelled Boy Scouts because they had a small pocket knife, banned the games of dodge ball and tag, oftentimes the very concept of winners and losers in our educations system, yet these very same schools pump our kids full of junk food such as soda, candy, pizza and burgers while reducing the amount of physical activity.

Result: our children are the fattest, most unhealthy, blubber-infested kids on the planet, yet not one of them has been attacked by a Boy Scout with a pocket knife. The only zero tolerance public school policy I advocate is banning policies that reward "feel good" idiocy.

Political correctness has even made inroads into the hunting community. We actually have hunters who believe we should cover up the dead deer in the bed of our pickup trucks because they believe we will offend non-hunters if they see an actual dead deer. This, of course, is the exact opposite what hunters should be told and what non-hunters need to see. I tolerate none of this lunacy. I celebrated the last pure, ultimate green environmentalism on earth; hunting, fishing and trapping. They are literally biologically perfect.

Someone told me not long ago that common sense is no longer common. Sadly, the grotesque evidence continues to stack up that buttresses this sad but true statement. The list of political correct, butthead examples goes on and on. The Titanic is sinking and some politically correct jerks are trying to convince the rest of us to get busy and rearrange the deck chairs instead of climbing into the life boats. It's literally that
bizzarro and ugly.

Until America returns to a policy of bold, unabashed truth, logic, honesty and common
sense, the rest of our financial and social problems will continue to escalate. It is impossible to truly fix a problem by "feeling good" about fixing it. Only idiots go hunting with a "feel good" arrow in their quiver. I hunt with razor sharp arrows and I actually kill animals and then I eat them. If you have a problem with that you are stoned on weird and hopelessly addicted to denial.

I believe with all my heart that General Patton would tell us that the first thing we need to do to save America is to kill political correctness. A perfect solution to what ails us.


Anonymous said...

Gun sales surge/violent crime drops HotAir

revereridesagain said...

Just when you think there is no common sense left in the world, along comes the Nuge to show us what we're missing. How come a buffoon like Franken is in Congress but Nuge isn't? He would mop up the floor with jerks like Franken.

revereridesagain said...

...hot tip, it's too damn long to post what with the script spacing, but Iowahawk has sent up "It's a Wonderful Life" healthcare bill style...

midnight rider said...

"How come a buffoon like Franken is in Congress but Nuge isn't?"

Because everytime he'd walk into the chamber all the liberals would have to run home and change their shorts. . .

BulgarWheat said...

well said, Uncle Ted.

I've had it with the whole PC bull-flop.