Friday, December 25, 2009

Cheap Labor overseas affects EVERY AMERICAN AND EVERY INDUSTRY - now FARMING

The electronic parts which make up our defense systems are now made in Taiwan, mainland China, Maylasia, etc ... Chinese engineering firms now WIN BIDS for NY City subway contracts, GM and Chrysler (Fiat) no longer exist (cmon know that's true) and now FARMING is taking the pipe

Fieldworkers at Hawaii's last major pineapple plantation have picked their last crop.

Maui Land and Pineapple Co. shut down its century-old agricultural operation Wednesday to focus on real estate development.

The company says its pineapple business has lost $115 million since 2002 and is no longer financially sustainable.

The company is laying off about 285 employees. Some 133 workers are being offered positions in the company's other businesses.

Hawaii's major pineapple producers have shifted growing operations to countries such as the Philippines, where labor is cheaper.

Former and current Maui Land employees hope to form a new company that would continue growing, packing and selling Maui Gold fresh pineapple.
The time has now come to BEGIN discussing how to protect american industries, and american economic ability without abandoning free markets in a world where eventually every fiber of what we do, buy, see and promote is Walmarted to the poorest laborer who can be found.

'Next week' the Phillipine workers who benefit today will again find themselves living in cardboard boxes as pineapples are farmed near Lagos, or the Pontonal.

All wealth begins with making things, even intangible things, and selling them for a profit. If we make nothing, we have no wealth. Right now it is the american consumer which powers the world. 'Next week' it will be chinese consumers. Are our leaders ready to watch all this until finally American laborers living in cardboard boxes in garbage dumps in Detroit will work for less than the poor bastards in Ouagoudougou, and Lagos?

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mah29001 said...

I blame the mandate for unions affiliated with the White House to push for unionization as one of the major factors why America's industries are going overseas.