Monday, December 28, 2009


Is this for real? For God's sake.

If Muslims would stand up and report on the Jihadist in their midst, we wouldn't have this kind of rope around our neck.

But, they don't.

So, go on and be slaves, everyone, and thank your local Muslim for your enslavement.

There are no moderate Muslim politicial organizations, media outlets, academic institutions, or governments, of any appreciable size, anywhere in the world.

BY THE WAY, note the passengers laughing as the flight attendant reads off this list of draconian measures.

Is laughter appropriate an appropriate response?

What would be more appropriate?

From AFP:

WASHINGTON (AFP) – Beleaguered US air passengers faced a slew of new travel woes Sunday, as ramped up airport security following a thwarted Christmas Day terror attack compounded delays from back-to-back record-setting snowstorms.

Air travelers were told Sunday to check in four hours ahead of their scheduled departure times, while bomb-sniffing dogs were visible at airports across the country, US media reported, after a Nigerian man with possible ties to radical Islam was charged with attempting to blow up an airliner on final approach to Detroit Friday.

Once on board their flights, many passengers were told they would be unable to hold coats or blankets in their laps and would not be allowed to enter aircraft restrooms for the last hour of their flights, reports said.

Passengers also reportedly are being told to expect additional airport pat-downs and gate security checks.

Like I said, thank your local Muslim.


Alexander M√ľnch said...

All this because a Muslim castrated himself?

Fuck them all!

I want to fly naked! Sitting in a tab filled with beer! No safety belts! And no BURKAS in sight!

What's next on their minds? Straitjackets? Epidural injections? Trans Atlantic flight under Anastasia?

The are MAD!!!

rgranger said...

Would it not be much easier to just make the Mooslims take a bus or drive or something else. I mean, a few drunks ruined the drive though liquor stores for the rest of us. No longer can I have that cold one on the way home from fishing or dirt riding, why not the same thing for Mooslims? sorry chaps, no mooslims on the plane, you guys just crash too many so a few of you ruined it for the rest.

Anonymous said...

Flight 253 incident - entire incident - videotaped. Authorities in hot pursuit of cameraman and tape. - no kidding

revereridesagain said...

Depends on how fond a guy is of Anastasia, I guess.

No kidding, rob. A few years ago someone wrote an "open letter" to American Muslims in which she noted that if America fell victim to a nuclear attack it would be "too late for you" because of their refusal to speak out against jihad. Well, she was wrong. It is already "too late" for them, even if we are lucky enough to get through this al Qaeda aircraft bombing plot intact. Half-assed appeals from some obscure "moderate Muslim" blogger in Dearbornistan doesn't cut it now, and certainly will not if that plot succeeds.

christian soldier said...

How long are we going to continue to be BAA BAA Sheep?
before we demand that our 'officials' go after the real perps?

Anonymous said...

Rob - the incendiary device used in this incident would be as devastating on a bus, in a tunnel, subway, at a sports stadium, hospital, library, walmart etc. etc. as it could have been on that flight. The tiniest amount of explosive can be concealed in the tip of a ballpoint pen. Crawl out from under the bed and face reality. Thanks to PC/MC morons who continue to hinder efforts to confront and rid our lives of this menace - this is our reality.

Islam delende est

revereridesagain said...

Can anyone identify what airline that is?

WC said...

Madness. Utter madness. We have plummeted to the depths of the surreal.

midnight rider said...

Alexander you just gave me a mental picture that will haunt me for years to come. . .

midnight rider said...

This may mostly involve international flights.

My son in law to be flew from Philly to Anchorage. U.S. Air from Philly to Minneapolis and then DELTA from there to Anchorage.

He was through security checkpoint within 3 minutes and experienced none of the described on his flights. But again, they were all domestic. And he was carring his new 8 week old chocolate lab (beautiful puppy gift from my daughter) as carry-on under the seat.

revereridesagain said...

Heh, didn't the other passengers get nervous when the carry-on barked?

midnight rider said...

Mostly the carry-on whimpered just a little to ge out. but there was the incident in the men's room at the airport were the carry on let a bit of unauthorized liquid go all over the floor. No info on the hazmat response to that


Always On Watch said...

How about some suspect profiling instead of frisking grandma?