Thursday, March 28, 2019

Did Bill DeBlasio's Wife Steal $1 Billion From NYC Taxpayers?

The first spouse went before the City Council Tuesday — tripping spectacularly over her own tongue while removing any doubt that her billion-dollar husbandly indulgence, 
ThriveNYC, amounts to an epic public policy swindle gussied up as a mental health program. Still, questions linger. Such as, how did it happen that Thrive burned through more $565 million over four-plus years to no appreciable good effect with nobody noticing? 
Certainly not the City Council, a legislative body comprising 50 stuffed cabbages and a speaker who wants to be mayor — a fellow who stood by incuriously as the city’s streets and subways slowly filled with insane people, many of them threatening and dangerous. 
The council redeemed itself only slightly Tuesday, asking McCray — too politely for the circumstances — to explain herself, and then settling for a non-answer answer for the ages: 
“ThriveNYC was my idea,” she said. “I’m the founder, I provide the strategic support, I hold meetings on behavioral health and I amplify things to the public.” Well, yes. And then what? 
One can only imagine what a mad scramble those meetings are. With a quarter of a billion dollars (!!) to divvy up every year, one easily could get an arm broken when the boodling begins. 
Anyway, for details the mayoral missus deferred to one Susan Herman, who “does the day-to-day management and makes the decisions.” 

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