Sunday, March 24, 2019

Quotation Of The Day

A comment found on blog rounds the morning after the Mueller Investigation was concluded and a comment which sums up my own thoughts....

Commenter LL's evaluation as stated at Lone Star Parson:

Mueller, in the end, after making his retirement money (for himself and his cronies), and lacking ANY evidence, finally folded his tent and the aspirations of the Deep State and the Corrupt Media are weeping (more) bitter tears. The Russia collusion narrative is dead even though pawns like Adam Schiff (D-CA) will continue to beat the drum because it's the only drum they have.

Russia, military in decline, reduced to a regional power with a nuclear arsenal, is doing its best to follow a Russia First agenda, and why shouldn't they? China is having some money problems but it's still promoting its belt road agenda, and the US is energy and food independent, steel industry back in business.

President Trump has revealed disastrous trade deals with China, Japan, Korea and Europe is re-mapping how business is to be done and the Deep State trembles. All that money in bribes stopped. All those plans to weaken the US have been put on hold. Such a pity -- all that plotting, waiting and hoping that somebody like Beto or the fake Indian will capture the imagination of the voters. Somebody who can read the message of his/her handlers from a teleprompter the way that Barack did.

Last year, one of my clients, a dyed-in-the-wool member of the Democrat Party, said to me, with feigned sorrow, "I'm sorry. But Trump is going to be removed from office."  You see, she really believed the drumbeat she heard every day on MSNBC and The View.

And there are millions more like my former client.

I wonder....How long before more screaming at the sky commences?

Let the nervous breakdowns begin!

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Anonymous said...

UK Official torment/entrapment efforts of Tommy Robinson escalate...this exhibits/distinguishes the difference between being a citizen with rights from a 'subject' of the crown. UK needs their own revolution.

Must watch...professional media (UKDailyMail, Telegraph, Panorama, twitter etc.) coordinate with Antifa, fraudulent barrister, and police to doxx and intimidate Tommy's family .

A lawyer with history of fraud seeks out and sends a documented racist anti-Semitic rooster-on-crack directly to Tommy's residence after police warn Tommy of threats to throw acid in his wife's face &/or possible targeting with recently acquired AK47's. As the police personally provide this warning, they also confiscate/remove the emergency phone they provided earlier!
Later, near Tommy's family residence, police hide in back of van with photographic equipment to capture Tommy's reaction to being targeted .
Unbelievable footage of UK police and Antifa working in tandem to get Tommy Robinson. Including a police surveillance van prepared for this entrapment set up.

Pastorius said...

I know what you mean about people REALLY BELIEVING this stuff, and their breakdowns.

I have a friend who lives in Holland, who is a hippie-type with a beard, who believes in Buddhist/Hindu type New Agey religious ideas, and became enlightened using Mushrooms and stuff.

He happens to be a Trump supporter.

Another friend of mine, a very creative gay guy I know who lives in Palm Springs, CA, called the hippie-guy a "dumb redneck" yesterday, because of his support for Trump.

Now, many of us are used to getting called dumb Rednecks, and deplorables, and all that. Most of the time, this happens online, and comes from people who don't know that, for instance, I am an artist, a guy who loves English Romantic poetry, writes fey pop songs, and used to look and dress like a girl, and that calling me a redneck is ridiculous.

But here's the thing. My gay friend from Palm Springs knows my hippie friend from Holland, and is fully aware that he is nothing near a "redneck".

In other words, his use of such a word is a absolutely hysterical reaction, and almost a cry for help. It's completely out of reality. It is screaming at the sky.

Always On Watch said...

They are so deluded as to border on the comical.