Monday, March 18, 2019

President Trump Fights For Us

I don't have cable, so I never watch Fox News, except for brief clips on Youtube.

I am not really a fan of Jeanine Pirro or Sean Hannity. I'm not even much of a fan of Tucker Carlson, though I do like his message, and I admire him very much.

I am a fan of Greg Gutfeld, but now that I think about it, I am not even sure he is on Fox.

Nevertheless, I know that the Government-Media/Academia Complex is going after any powerful voice who supports Trump.

I know this is against the First Amendment, and it is a threat to our Nation.

And I really appreciate that Trump fights back. I truly appreciate it.


Anonymous said...

If you like someone's message and you like them VERY MUCH, I'm pretty sure you're s fan, DA

Anonymous said...

Needs confirmation:
meme posted at WeasleZippers:
"Fox News producer that suspended Judge Jeanine is Husfa Kamal, a muslim"

Pastorius said...

I would not consider myself a fan because I would never purposefully sit down to watch his show.

I would do that with Gutfeld's show, however.

Always On Watch said...

Who owns the controlling shares of Fox News?