Saturday, October 30, 2021

On The Development of the COVID mRNA Vaccines

 From Vlad Tepes:

Really lucid and brilliant piece by Alex Berenson. This only deals with a thin slice of the vaccine issue, but its the best handling of that slice that certainly I have read to date. Alex deals only with the development of the mRNA devices, the curious lack of testing and oversite compared to even normal new medications he refers to as “small molecule” drugs that work in simple and controllable ways. Yet these hugely complex drugs do something fully unlike any other medication ever made, and only had a modest few months of testing before being rolled out to the public.

Add to that they have an across the board failure rate and governments and drug company solutions are more injections of the same drug and totally ignoring their own data which shows that not only do they not work, they may make the recipient MORE vulnerable to SARS COV 2, and perhaps other diseases as well. All evidence he gives are from the most classical of sources. So please do click through and read.

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