Saturday, October 30, 2021

Yeah, Kids Have Strokes When They Take The COVID Vaccine



Redneck Texan said...

I seen where the guy that filled Rush Limbaugh's big radio shoes, Dan Bongino, has apparently quit over his Corporate Master's Vaccine Mandate, even though he personally is fully vaccinated.

I've been seeing stories about Medical Professionals, Cops, Firefighters, Air Force personnel, Football coaches, Basketball players, etc ..... losing their jobs over non-compliance with their employers vaccine mandates.

And I also seen today where the Supreme Court dodged the issue.

...... So how does this end?

....... I'd say it ends with a bunch of unemployed people. Perhaps unemployable people.

Which will probably be a significant hit to our economy.

But it appears from here resistance will be futile.

These industries will go on without them. Vaccinated replacements will at least partially fill those positions.

Depending on how the unemployment benefits play how this might cause a mass exodus to the more flexible parts of the country. Or maybe spur a round of entrepreneurism.

But I dont see the corporations or leftist politicians backing down from these mandates regardless the pain it might cause their bottom lines.

The numbers just aren't there.

A majority? of people, on both sides of the political divide, appear to support these mandates. Even the Texas legislature couldn't come up with votes to ban them in Texas. Their corporate masters dropped the hammer on them.

A legal salvation appears years off. By then I suspect most of those refusing vaccines now will quietly cave out of financial self-preservation.

Its a little disturbing how the right or wrong angle of the mandates is failing to gain any traction in the court of public opinion.

I think this could have just as easily been a prohibition of ammunition mandate. A mandate to open the borders.

In fact this prohibition reminds me of prohibition. The unconstitutional aspects of prohibition were not immediately a concern for the lawmakers at the time. Public opinion was. It took 14 years for public opinion to realize the folly of its actions.

It took a new set of politicians to reverse the course, because the first set couldn't admit its mistake.

This might play out similarly in the long run. After the danger of the pandemic subsides, hindsight might finally shed some light on the wrongness of this knee jerk power trip.

Redneck Texan said...

Do you have to show proof of vaccination to get your welfare check or section 8 voucher?

Now that might really start a revolution.

Pastorius said...

Thank you for your thoughtful ruminations. I think you are likely correct that most will cave out of financial self-preservation.