Friday, May 20, 2022

New Study Finds mRNA Vaccines Actually Hurt Long-Term Immunity to Covid Compared to the Unvaccinated

URGENT: The most powerful evidence yet that mRNA vaccines hurt long-term immunity to Covid after infection 
A bombshell study - from the National Institutes of Health and Moderna, no less - should end debate 
Unvaccinated people are much more likely to develop broad antibody immunity after Covid infections than people who have received mRNA shots, a new study shows. 
Researchers already knew that many vaccinated people do not gain antibodies to the entire coronavirus after they are infected with Covid. 
Unvaccinated people nearly always gain antibodies to the nucleocapsid protein, which covers the virus’s core of RNA, as well as its spike protein, which allows the virus to attack our cells. 
Vaccinated people often lack those anti-nucleocapsid antibodies and only have spike protein antibodies. 
The researchers examined the development of anti-nucleocapsid antibodies in people who had been part of Moderna’s clinical trial and were infected with Covid. 
As they expected, the scientists found that the vaccinated people were far less likely to develop the anti-nucleocapsid antibodies. 
Only 40 percent of people who received the shots had antibodies, compared to 93 percent of those who did not. But they then went a step further. 
Because the infected people had been in the trial, their viral loads had been precisely measured when they were found to have Covid. 
So the researchers were able to compare vaccinated and unvaccinated people who had the same amounts of virus in their blood. 
Once again, they found that unvaccinated people were far more likely to develop anti-nucleocapsid antibodies than the jabbed. 
An unvaccinated person with a mild infection had a 71 percent chance of mounting an immune response that included those antibodies. A vaccinated person had about a 15 percent chance.


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