Friday, May 20, 2022

PLO is concealing evidence regarding Al Jazeera journalist killed during shootout between Israel and jihadists

A journalist for propaganda outfit Al Jazeera died as a result of gunfire when Israeli authorities were clashing with jihadists recently, yet the PLO, which appears to have the evidence, refuses to cooperate, and would rather lead to spreading the usual hostility in the press:
While the Palestinian Authority and some in the international community are quick to condemn Israel for the death of Al-Jazeera journalist Shireen Abu Akleh, their unsubstantiated condemnations of Israel say more about their blind hatred for Israel than it does about Abu Akleh’s death.

The known facts are straightforward but inconclusive. Shireen Abu Akleh was killed yesterday during a gunfight between Palestinian terrorists and Israeli soldiers in Jenin but it is not known who fired the bullet that killed her. Asked if there is “clear evidence that the bullet came from the Israeli army,” the PA’s chief pathologist who examined the body said he could not “declare any information” at this point:

Head of An-Najah National University’s Forensic Medicine Department Dr. Rayyan Al-Ali: “The case [of Shireen Abu Akleh’s death] was transferred to autopsy… in order to confirm the direct cause of death, and to attempt to find evidence that could be connected to the party responsible for the death of Martyr Shireen Abu Akleh.” …

Journalist: “Is there clear evidence that the bullet came from the Israeli army, thereby debunking the Israeli version [of events]?”

Rayyan Al-Ali: “It is currently impossible to declare any information because the partners from the forensic laboratory, each in their own field of expertise, will study the evidence that will be gathered.”

[Al-Jazeera YouTube channel, May 11, 2022]

Obstructing the determination of the truth, the Palestinian Authority is preventing Israel from carrying out its own inquiry by withholding the bullet that killed Abu Akleh. [...]
If the PLO refuses to cooperate, and no clear information is forthcoming about the bullet itself, that's very telling. This all strongly hints it was jihadists who were responsible, not the IDF. Tragically, unless any proper steps can be taken to expose this scandal, nobody in the wider MSM is likely to report about it, and will bury the story if they see fit, until the next opportunity to smear Israel comes along. Exactly why it pays to be vigilant.

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