Sunday, May 29, 2022

Predictable Islamic violence on Jerusalem Day

This year's Jerusalem Day celebrations, as sadly expected, have been marred by Islamic rioting:
Palestinian rioters hurled rocks, chairs and fireworks at thousands of Israeli Jews who ascended the flashpoint Temple Mount on Sunday to celebrate Jerusalem Day, amid warnings by the Palestinian Authority that Israel was “playing with fire.”

The violence comes ahead of the controversial Flag March, in which Jews armed with Israeli flags march through the Old City of Jerusalem — including the Muslim Quarter — to celebrate the day, which marks the reunification of Jerusalem after Israeli troops recaptured it from Jordanian occupation during the 1967 defensive Six Day War.
And it's disgusting, to say nothing of a most poor example. It shouldn't have to be made clear that when Islamofascists commit such acts of violence over petty issues, it basically makes clear they choose to be enemies, not friends. And the flag march should not be any more controversial than in any other country. And there's even the following to ponder:
Arab bus drivers contracted to drive yeshiva students from southern Israel into the capital for Jerusalem Day refused to transport the students Sunday.

Students from the Ohel Shlomo Yeshiva, a Bnei Akiva school in Beersheba, were left without transportation to Jerusalem Day festivities in the capital Sunday morning, when all five bus drivers assigned to the school refused to drive the students.

“The bus company’s drivers are Arabs,” Aviad Tzadok, the school’s principal, told Israel National News. “All of them cancelled their drives this morning. I ended up with no buses this morning.”

Another school administrator, Rabbi Shlomi Tuvol, spoke with the manager of the bus company, who told him that the bus drivers had received death threats aimed at deterring them from driving the students.
It's very bad that death threats were made against the drivers. Simultaneously, one must wonder why this Bnei Akiva outfit's employing them far more than Jewish drivers, if it matters. See also this item about a Gaza actor who incited violence.

Now, if you want some more positive news, here's some with photos:
Thousands of Israelis gathered in central Jerusalem Sunday afternoon to mark the 55th anniversary of the reunification of Israel's capital city.

The Jerusalem Day Flag March (Rikudgalim) is set to head out from Bezelal Street in the capital, with two gatherings set for 5:00 p.m., including one in front of the Great Synagogue of Jerusalem on King George Street, and one on HaMa'alot Street.
See the whole article for the pics. Jerusalem Day is something that should be celebrated, and it's a shame Islamofascists continue to soil the better impact of the occasion.

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