Monday, May 23, 2022

TARGET ELON: The Glorious Red-Pilling of Elon Musk


Zillionaire Elon Musk's glorious red-pilling has, predictably, made him Public Enemy Number One of the garbage ruling caste. Back when he was only making electric cars, rocket ships and producing children with bizarre names via singers with bizarre names, he was A-OK in the blue zone. But then he embraced radical notions like free speech and, well, now he's a threat, a treasonous traitor of insurrection. He even said he'd vote Republican. Oh, how the wine women wailed! 
Instantly, the regime's immune system sprung into action to purge the body politic of the truth pathogen that is Elon Musk. His Tesla stock coincidentally took a tumble, but there are no coincidences (I own some). Regime whiteboard New York Times devoted the space they did not devote to Robby Mook's devastating testimony regarding Felonia Milhous von Pantsuit – Musk recently got woke to the Russiagate lies and he publicly wondered what else he was being lied to about – to scoops about the apostate. 
And, of course, the corrupt feds are looking into him since they have plenty of time on their hands not stopping mass killers. Don't be surprised if a SWAT team shows up to arrest him for planning to kidnap the governor of Michigan. And there's the sex slander. It came out that Musk confidentially settled a lawsuit with some bimbo, and instantly he was Bill Clinton times Gropey Joe plus Harvey Weinstein, except he's no longer liberal, so suddenly liberals care about women. I defend people and others in lawsuits over bogus sex claims, and I can smell a rat. But this is not just a rat – this is a New York City alley full of them. 
Do I believe that Elon whipped out his SpaceX love rocket to some tart? No. Musk can get chicks the old-fashioned way – by having a lot of money. Look, the guy dated Amber Heard and survived with his throat unslit and his linens undefiled. This trollop's trumped-up charges are not going to take him down. The fact is that what my mother – the judge – told me after she swore me in as a lawyer in 1994 remains true: "Everyone lies." Allegations in sex lawsuits are as reliable as Jen Psaki, and even bullSchiff claims get settled. 
But the truth is not the point. Obedience is. They are terrified of Elon Musk because his money – combined with his iconoclasm – makes him dangerous. The thought that Musk would take over Twitter and allow free speech, thereby utterly undoing their last stranglehold on social media, filled the unelite elite with a cold terror. They know their ideas are garbage; they can only keep power by ensuring they control the marketplace of ideas. And they control it by ensuring it is not a marketplace at all but a Supermax prison where wrongthink is locked away in solitary with a lonely cellmate named Ox. 
Elon Musk is threatening to bust their info monopoly, so they will do whatever they can to break him first. And they want you to know he's being broken because if the richest guy in the universe can't withstand them, what hope do we peons have? Except Musk is not backing down. He's gone to the conservative medicine cabinet and gobbled a handful of red-pills. His Twitter feed is a non-stop chronicle of his ideological makeover. He talks about the truths he's learned since he popped the blue bubble surrounding him, he points out the hypocrisy he sees, and he refuses to back down in the face of the regime's full-court press.

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