Tuesday, January 24, 2023

Africa Is Starkly Unvaccinated, and Starkly Unvanquished by COVID

One would reasonably expect a worldwide pandemic that began three years ago to have been recorded with some ballpark accuracy in case counts, and morbidity and mortality data throughout the world by now, as each hemisphere has been through three winters. 
One would also expect that a worldwide vaccine campaign that peaked over a year ago to have resulted in reliable vaccine uptake maps. 
One would expect a general consensus regarding such data. So let’s accept the above maps as not (or not yet) disputed, and as reliable documentation of historical events of pinnacle importance, events that behoove humanity to understand well, and to understand as thoroughly as if our future well-being depends on it. 
One who has faith in the practice of vaccination would have also expected that vaccines carrying the name of the pandemic to have mitigated case counts of the same disease. 
How then is the overall experience of the African continent to be understood? Africa was not the only part of the world where reported COVID cases have been low. Prior to vaccination, numerous countries were barely impacted at all by COVID.


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