Monday, January 30, 2023

Ottawa, A 15 Minute City


This is a government website announcement, from Ottawa, Canada. The webpage is, containing the announcement is entitled "".

Of course, no one voted for "The New Official Plan," because Canada is a Totalitarian Socialist state.

The Global Elite are attempting to turn our cities into Panopticons, in the name of Global Warming and "Health".

Ottawa, a 15 minute city

Introduced in the ‘Five Big Moves’, the principles of 15-minute neighbourhoods are integral to the strategic directions contained in Ottawa’s Draft New Official Plan. The concept of 15-minute neighbourhoods supports a variety of objectives relating to intensification, economic development, energy and climate change, gender equity, and culture. Additionally, planning for 15-minute neighbourhoods represents a critical means of embedding health resiliency in planning in order to achieve healthier, more inclusive communities.

15-minute neighbourhoods are compact, well-connected places with a clustering of a diverse mix of land-uses; this includes a range of housing types, shops, services, local access to food, schools and day care facilities, employment, greenspaces, parks and pathways. They are complete communities that support active transportation and transit, reduce car dependency, and enable people to live car-light or car free.

The 15-minute neighbourhood study is the first step at understanding the components of a 15-minute neighbourhood as they evolve across Ottawa’s urban, suburban, and rural transects. This study of 15-minute neighbourhoods is composed primarily of two different mapping exercises. One looking at access to available services and amenities; and the other focusing on the safety and enjoyability of the pedestrian environment with respect to walking to these services and amenities.


Always On Watch said...

More utopia, huh? **spit**

Pastorius said...

Why is it that Utopia always sucks?

Anonymous said...

Seems a form of social control. Hey! Everything I need in life is within a fifteen minute walk! Why would I ever leave?

It is actually a form of primitivism. In the poorest rural area of the globe are individuals who have never traveled ten miles beyond their ancestral village.

This plan offers convenience as opposed to freedom.

Canadians are sleepy kitties who will buy into it. Beyond their truck convoys, not much activism on their part.