Wednesday, January 25, 2023

Dr. Naomi Wolf on COVID Vaccine: “A Bioweapon – Manufactured in Concert with the CCP – In a Slow Way to Debilitate If Not Kill Off the Population of North America and Western Europe”

Dr. Naomi Wolf: I believe as you know that this is a bioweapon. I’ve done reporting showing it’s being manufactured in concert with the CCP, the IP and tech went, per SEC Filing 21 21 to China. China’s opened manufacturing plants all over Western Europe and now in North America. And so for me, it’s just a slow way to debilitate, if not kill off the population in North America and Western Europe. And I see that very conservatively and very advisedly. I think it’s extraordinarily dangerous and terrifying that they’re promoting this now as an annual thing. And, of course, they’re (FDA) going to rubberstamp it on Thursday because this advisory committee if wholly enthralled with the industry.

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