Monday, January 30, 2023

Death reports PROVE that the COVID vaccines are killing people of all ages and should be immediately stopped

From Steve Kirsch:

This is the most important article I have ever written. It shows a method that anyone can use to prove that the vaccines are leading to premature death in anyone who takes them, no matter what age. 

A simple objective analysis of objective death data (age, date died, date of last COVID vaccination) proves beyond a reasonable doubt that the COVID vaccines are shortening lifespans and should be immediately halted.

This explains why all the world’s health authorities are keeping their data secret; their data would reveal that all world governments have been killing millions of people worldwide. No government wants that disclosed. They won’t debate me on this. They will try to censor this article because they can’t hide from the truth. Or they will try to create FUD by arguing the survey is biased without describing the bias. 

I am putting this out now for others to find a flaw in my analysis. I spoke with UK Professor Norman Fenton before I wrote this article. He didn’t find any flaws in the methodology. Neither did Edward Dowd. I discussed the bias issue with Fenton and he agreed that the biases would help the vaccinated so the vaccinated should do better than the unvaxxed. But the reverse is true so the result is impossible to explain. 

This article will be ignored by the mainstream press and the medical community. The longer they ignore me, the worse it will look for them. The first rule of holes is that when you find yourself in a hole, stop digging.

Unless there is a serious error in my methodology or someone can explain precisely how surveying “my followers” creates a biased sample that shifts the sample for the vaccinated, the game is now over. 

If the vaccines are safe, the CDC should have produced this analysis using statewide data. It is trivial to do. Why didn’t they? The answer is simple: because they know it would blow the narrative. 

If you want to prove me wrong, let’s get the statewide data from all states and make it public. All we need is Age, date of death, date of last COVID vaccine. That does not violate HIPAA or a dead person’s privacy because there is no PII. 

But states will refuse to release that data because they know if they did, they are finished. 

So in the meantime, they will say, “Your survey is biased.” But nobody can explain the “bias” that explains the result because my readers DO NOT CONTROL THE DATE THAT THEIR FRIENDS WERE VACCINATED or they DATE they died. 

My readers may be more affluent than the average American so that’s a bias. But if the vaccine is killing affluent people, we have a problem. My readers might be more intelligent than the average American, so that’s a bias. They may have more intelligent friends. So this survey, it could be argued, just shows that intelligent people are being killed by the vaccine. That SHOULD be a stopping condition. 

Or you could argue that my readers are less intelligent than the average person. And once again, unless you are trying to cull a society, that should be a stopping condition as unethical. 



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