Wednesday, January 25, 2023

URGENT: Deaths in England surge again

From Alex Berenson:

The death surge in highly mRNA vaccinated countries continues this winter.

Meanwhile, less-vaccinated countries are reporting normal or below normal mortality rates. 

The latest bad news for vaccine advocates came from the British government this morning. 

The Office of National Statistics said it had registered 17,381 deaths in England and Wales in the week ended Friday, January 13. That figure is about 20 percent more than the five-year average - and 30 percent more than longer-term averages - for the year’s second week. 

Only about 650 of the deaths had Covid as an underlying cause, the government said, so most of the excess was not related to Covid. 

The British data confirms recent trends all over Western Europe, including the Netherlands and Switzerland. 

Most wealthy countries that relied on mRNA Covid shots and boosters had non-Covid deaths well above normal in 2022. The problem has worsened in recent weeks, in the wake of the fall Omicron booster campaigns. 

With recent upward revisions, Europe will now probably report more excess deaths in 2022 than either 2020, before Covid vaccines were available, or 2021, before boosters began in earnest.

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