Thursday, February 02, 2023

18-Year-Old Athlete on Life Support After Suffering from Cardiac Arrest During Basketball Game

Cartier Woods (on the left): "These Things Happen"
No, Wait, He Couldn't Have Said That
He's On Life Support
Yeah, Well, These Things Happen, Don't They?
Cartier Wood, 18, suffered a cardiac arrest during a game, according to an email sent by the school district superintendent. 
“It is with a heavy heart that I send you this late evening email. Earlier this evening, Cartier Woods, a senior at Northwestern, went into cardiac arrest while playing in his basketball game at Northwestern,” said Nikolai P. Vitti, superintendent of Detroit Public Schools Community District. 
Vitti said that CPR was administered to revive Woods, and he was rushed to the nearby hospital. The teen is still fighting for his life and is on life support. 
“He was administered CPR and was rushed to Henry Ford Hospital. As of this email, he is on life support and the next 24 hours are critical for his survival. With the permission of Cartier Woods’ legal guardian, his aunt, I send this email to you requesting your prayers, thoughts, and/or well wishes for his recovery. I will be sure to keep everyone updated about Cartier’s health, and I pray to give you positive news!” the post continued. 
Dwanda Woods, his aunt and legal guardian, told ABC Detroit that Cartier first started playing sports at the age of 10. 
“No one can stop him. He just loves playing football, basketball. That’s his number one goal of what he wanted to do his whole life,” said Dwanda Woods. 
According to Woods, her nephew did not have any known heart conditions. 
Woods added that CPR was performed on him for 40-60 minutes after he collapsed on the court. 
“He’s been with me since he was a baby and I’m just not sleeping. I haven’t ate or drink nothing since yesterday and I just feel bad right now,” said Dwanda Woods. “We all just praying and hoping he wake up.”


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