Thursday, February 16, 2023

Pfizer's Data Show COVID-19 Shots Could Never Reduce Severity of COVID-19

If you don’t have time to watch the whole thing, here’s the takeaway:

  1. Byram is pissed. Pfizer’s own trial with over 40,000 participants showed NO EVIDENCE of a mortality or hospitalization benefit. If anything, it showed the reverse. (See Figure 1 below). The “benefits” were not statistically significant because the effect sizes were tiny.

  2. The focus needs to be on the absolute risk reduction which is miniscule.

  3. Each shot increases your risk of COVID infection (See Figure 2 below)

  4. There has NEVER been a vaccine in medicine which made you more likely to be infected, yet reduced your risk of hospitalization/death. NEVER.

  5. There is NO PLAUSIBLE MECHANISM OF ACTION which would enable these vaccines to reduce your risk of hospitalization and death. Why hasn’t anyone explained this? Will you debate Professor Bridle? Why not?

  6. In short, there are no benefits to these vaccines. You’ve been completely misled by the medical community about these vaccines and there isn’t a single “expert” in the world who is willing to show Professor Bridle that he got it wrong.


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