Saturday, February 25, 2023

Only Conspiracy Theorists Would Believe Such a Thing ...

My background is in Marketing and Advertising. As such, I have always believed that "truth" is a Public Relations battle.

It is not that I believe there is no truth. It's just that I know for a fact that people believe what they want to believe, until presented with overwhelming evidence to the contrary. 

And, even then ...

Most situations do not present themselves in congruence with some mechanism of "evidentiary clarity." Most things happen out of the sight of human beings and their cameras. And, in such a case, we can only collect evidence which presents itself after the fact. And then we have to infer what actually happened based upon evidence.

This is what has happened with COVID. 

We have to film of the virus being released. 

We have no film of TomasPueyo meeting with whatever handler gave him the idea to write the Medium article he wrote. 

We have no film of the handler that gave Neil Ferguson the order to write his influential paper. 

We have no film of the backroom meetings between Fauci and the DOD, the NIH, and the WHO on how to control the narrative, shutting down Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin, how to run "Operation Warp Speed", when to release it to the public (since the vaccine had already mostly been developed), what kind of "treatments" should be ordered for "COVID" ("should we kill them with ventilators, or drug cocktails, or both?"), do you think we can get away with. calling a car accident a COVID death? Sure we can

Etc.,  etc.

We have no film of any of that. 

And we never will. 

But. all of that happened, and we saw the evidence that happened in a million individual instances. 

But only conspiracy theorists believe that it was plotted and planned out as some sort of immense worldwide Psyop to introduce and test lockdowns, and population control methods, for "the future stability of the Earth's ecosystem."

Only conspiracy theorists would believe such a thing.

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