Sunday, February 19, 2023

Steve Kirsch's "Secret" Plan to Get The FAA to Investigate Pilot Injuries and Deaths

Steve Kirsch:

When top FAA officials (such as FAA Deputy Administrator Bradley Mims) are contacted and asked “Why is there no investigation?” their response is “no comment.”

Similarly, after my articles were published, the Aircraft owners and Pilots Association (AOPA) wrote a nasty article attacking me with ad hominem attacks and voicing their support for the FAA.

In this article, I am going to outline my plan for how we can address the critical issue of pilot and passenger safety and also how airline pilots can let the AOPA know why they will be canceling their membership.

The AOPA fully supports the FAA and thinks I’m a bad person for calling out the fact that the FAA is failing to investigate all these safety incidents!

Even worse is that the Aircraft owners and Pilots Association (AOPA) is supporting the FAA as noted in this article.

They clearly believe that the FAA is doing the right thing and should be supported. Clearly, they believe that pilot deaths and injuries should never be investigated.

In their article, instead of addressing the issue of the complete lack of investigation into pilot safety, the AOPA chose to go after me with ad hominem attacks and false accusations.

Unlike my article on Susan Northrup where I contacted her and spoke with her directly, and gave her numerous opportunities to comment before and after the article was written, the AOPA never contacted me in the preparation of their article and they also ignored all my attempts to contact them after they published their article.

The plan

  1. Senator Johnson will reach out to the FAA and find a day when the top FAA Administrator and his executive staff, including Bradley Mims, can personally attend a four-hour meeting in Washington, DC where they can hear the stories that they have not investigated and hear directly from injured pilots and ask them questions directly. The top FAA people need not attend the entire meeting, but they can excuse themselves by explaining to the entire audience what work that they must attend to is more important.

  2. We will invite injured pilots and flight attendants to speak at the meeting as well as the families of pilots and flight attendants who were killed by the COVID vaccines to tell their stories.

  3. We will also invite the top executives of the AOPA to explain why they support the FAA not investigating these incidents. If they cannot attend in person or virtually, we will ask them to explain why none of them could attend.

  4. We now have a list of over 25,000 pilots, flight attendants, and others who work at airports and the FAA who are upset about this issue. You can add your name to the list here so that we can send you the Zoom and Rumble links enabling you to participate from the comfort of your home or hotel.

  5. We will notify everyone about the time and date of the meeting so that everyone can arrange to take time off of work to attend this important conference LIVE by participating virtually via the Zoom link and Rumble live stream. We will encourage worldwide participation in this event as well. There will be a huge Twitter Space set up and heavily promoted where the speakers at the event will answer questions after the event is over. That Twitter Space will likely extend the time for five hours or more. We will have live polling throughout.

  6. Conference highlights. The conference will not only address the issues of pilot safety, but it will also address the issue of why the FAA failed to investigate these issues and what systemic changes in FAA management are required to correct the problem. For example,

    1. We will ask Susan Northrup to explain why she never called any of the pilots even after she said she would and after she was given their contact info.

    2. We will ask each one of the FAA administrators why they chose to take no action on investigating pilot injuries and deaths related to the COVID vaccine. America deserves to know “How is America safer by NOT investigating these issues?” Their answer of “no comment” (which is what Deputy Administrator Bradley Mims told me when I asked) will likely be unsatisfactory to this worldwide audience.

    3. We will specifically ask Bradley Mims why he was unable to comment when I directly asked him why there were no investigations.

  7. Once a date is set, we will have people stationed at every airport in America to hand out fliers letting people know about the event, the questions that will be asked, and how to participate. These fliers will be handed out at every entrance to the KNOWN CREWMEMBER entry points ...

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